40% says: Including sustainability impacts should be mandatory when calculating profit (Social Value UK, January 2019)

A YouGov survey commissioned by Social Value UK shows that 40% of people think additional measurements should be mandatory when calculating profitability.

Social Value UK’s finding places further pressure on businesses to demonstrate their sustainability and social responsibility credentials, as 40% of people believe that companies should be forced to account for their financial, social and environmental impact when calculating their overall profitability.

Social Value UK’s research found that millennials are the most likely to want a change in accounting rules, with the number of people agreeing that the additional measurements should be included rising to 44% in the 25-34 year old age group.

Only 11% of the 639 people surveyed thought only financial value 25-34-year-old included. Currently, profitability typically only takes into account the rate of return.

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Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by Social Value UK. All credits and rights to Social Value UK.


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