6 splendid articles from McKinsey on circular economy in practice. Learn from the pioneers. October 2016

In this report McKinsey presents a special collection of articles on the circular economy.

It’s subtitle, Moving from theory to practice, refers to the transition taking place as companies in many sectors use circular-economy concepts to capture more value from resources and to provide customers with better experiences.

The term “paradigm shift” is overused, but this is one instance where it applies.

The articles are:

  • Finding growth within: A new framework for Europe. How the circular economy could promote clean growth
  • Ahead of the curve: Innovative models for waste management in emerging markets. How countries can turn their garbage into wealth
  • A new plastics economy: From linear value chain to circular system. Remaking the plastics economy will require innovation in recycling and reuse as well as in design and chemistry
  • Developing products for a circular economy. Cross-functional collaboration and customer-focused design thinking can help companies reap more value from the energy and resources they use
  • Toward a circular economy in food: Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber shares how his company manages resources with an eye on sustainability
  • Style that’s sustainable: A new fast-fashion formula. Stylish, affordable clothing  has been a hit with shoppers. Now companies are trying to reduce its social and environmental costs

As other companies follow these pioneers in the transition from circular-economy theory to practice, they are certain to encounter obstacles. This is natural: breaking out of old models and letting go of time-tested approaches is challenging. But the lessons of the circular economy are accumulating— and they show that the gains from making the transition outweigh the effort and the risk.

Download the report here.

Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by McKinsey. All credits and rights to McKinsey.

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