85% of Global Multinational Companies say: “We will lead the way on sustainability impacts in the future” (BSR survey, July 2017)

New sustainability survey from BSR and GlobeScan launched July 2017:

Summary Conclusions

  • It is clear that sustainability professionals believe that business needs to lead the sustainability agenda. Business is staying the courseand in many cases stepping forward in the current political environment and it is bolstering the need for business leadership.
  • The results suggest that there is little redefinition of sustainable business. We are working on the same kind of issues and practices that we have been working on for a while. While these continue to need focus, there is a clear need to see some transformational practicesthat adapt to and integrate emerging issues and trends.
  • Great progress with sustainability increasing in prominence on the CEO’s agenda, but the alignment and engagement with internal functions needs further progress(especially Investor Relations, Marketing, and Human Resources)

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