Al Gore: “We’re in the early stages of a sustainability revolution” (April 2018)

The sustainability revolution has taken off, but there’s more work to do. Former US vice-president Al Gore and veteran investor David Blood explain why they’re championing thoughtful firms.

There is a growing perception in the markets of developed nations that our current economic model is no longer fit for purpose.

For a number of reasons related to economic performance, social and political divisions have grown wider than ever and large swathes of the population feel excluded from mainstream society.

Meanwhile, the global climate crisis is worsening faster than solutions are being deployed, and environmental damage continues.

Sixteen of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. Extreme weather events are now discussed as “the new normal”, though they may be but a preview of what scientists tell us is worse to come.

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Source: Quotes and graphics by Wired

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