The breakthrough of the circular economy – Utrecht University (November 2017)

Contrary to what experts in the sustainable sector think, the circular economy is still a niche that is not well known by the wider public. This conclusion was drawn by Utrecht University and the accounting and advisory agency Deloitte in a white paper published on 6 November 2017.
The most significant barrier can be overcome if both the business community and the government invest more in an innovation-oriented culture.

RobecoSAM: The Sustainability Yearbook 2018 (January 2018)

SDGs are having a positive effect on corporate behavior.

Their increasing popularity is helping foster a culture of scrutiny, transparency, and accountability in business and government.

Knowing how firms deploy assets is important but it is also useful to know how they deploy influence to shape public policy through activities like advocacy campaigns, think-tank funding, and legislative consulting.More

BlackRock’s CEO Larry Frank: Companies must drive sustainable, long-term growth and make positive contributions to society (January 2018)

Sum up of CEO Larry Frank’s annual letter 2018:

“As we enter 2018, BlackRock is eager to participate in discussions about long-term value creation and work to build a better framework for serving all your stakeholders

Today, our clients – who are your company’s owners – are asking you to demonstrate the leadership and clarity that will drive not only their own investment returns, but also the prosperity and security of their fellow citizens.More

World Economic Forum: Environmental and cyber risks predominate (WEF, January 2018)

The Global Risks Report 2018 is published at a time of encouraging headline global growth.

Any breathing space this offers to leaders should not be squandered: the urgency of facing up to systemic challenges has intensified over the past year amid proliferating signs of uncertainty, instability and fragility.

This year’s report covers more risks than ever, but focuses in particular on four key areas: environmental degradation, cybersecurity breaches, economic strains and geopolitical tensions. And in a new series called “Future Shocks” the report cautions against complacency and highlights the need to prepare for sudden and dramatic disruptions.


Corporate carbon emissions reaching the lowest level in the past 5 years (2018 State of Green Business Index – January 2018)

The 2018 State of Green Business Index — Trucost’s annual assessment of corporate environmental performance among the world’s 1,200 largest companies and 500 largest firms in the United States — reveals a worrisome finding.

The natural capital costs of companies had previously been falling, but the latest year’s results show a sharp increase. As a result, the natural capital cost generated by the largest global companies is nearly two times higher than their net income.More