BlackRock CEO Larry Fink: Within 5 years all investors will measure a company’s ESG performance to determine its worth (Business Insider, Nov. 2018)

“We’re trying to improve the performance of our clients,” Fink said at The New York Times DealBook Conference in New York on Thursday. He also predicted that in the near future, all investors will be using ESG (environmental, social, governance) metrics to determine the value of a company.

“I do believe that the demand for ESG is going to transform all investing,” he said, referring to both passive and active investors. “Now, that may be one or five years away from now, but it’s not that far away.”More

Morningstar: ESG Funds Outperform in Growth and Returns in 2018 (February 2019)

The number of ESG funds grew by 50%, while money gushed in.

The number of sustainable investment funds has increased nearly 50% in the past year to 351, with total assets of $161 billion by the end of 2018, according to a new paper by Morningstar. A record number of those were launched in 2018 and more existing funds added environmental, social and governance criteria to their prospectuses, according to Jon Hale, director of sustainability investing research, who wrote the paper. In fact, there were 37 new funds launched last year, while 63 existing funds added ESG criteria.More

Ansvarlige investeringer er betydeligt bedre end deres rygte – læs typiske spørgsmål og misforståelser (artikel af Nordea Invest, juli 2018)

Artikel af Nordea Invest:

Myter om bæredygtige investeringer holder ikke vand

Selvom interessen for bæredygtig investering er steget markant de seneste år, er der stadig en række myter, der kræver et realitetstjek. For eksempel den om, at man må vælge mellem bæredygtig opsparing og højt afkast.

Ansvarlig eller bæredygtig investering handler om at stille krav til de virksomheder, der investeres i, i forhold til miljø, menneskerettigheder og etisk selskabsledelse.More

GreenBiz: Wells Fargo pledges $200 billion for low-carbon economy projects (April 2018)

GreenBiz, Cassandra Sweet,

Wells Fargo will pay $1 billion in fines for violating federal rules and unfairly charging consumers inappropriate fees as part of its mortgage lending operation, according to a settlement the company reached with federal regulators.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based bank said Thursday that it plans to put $200 billion toward investment in, and finance of, companies and projects involved with clean technologies, renewable energy, green bonds and alternative transportation, by 2030.More

BlackRock CEO tells companies to contribute to society. Here’s where to start (Forbes – January 2018)

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink lays out a number of requests for companies in a public letter.

He cites the pre-occupation with short-term, reactive measures to drive quarterly profits and asks CEOs to focus on “investments in employee development, innovation and capital expenditures that are necessary for longer-term growth.”

Fink explicitly raises the issue of purpose as the critical North Star to guide corporate decisions: “Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders”.More