23 Major Stock Exchanges will introduce sustainability reporting standards during 2017 (UN December 2016)

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is among 21 of the world’s stock exchanges that look set to introduce sustainability reporting standards before the end of 2016, according to experts.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which co-organises the Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) initiative, has received confirmation from 21 international stock exchanges that they will introduce new guidelines either this year or within the first quarter of next year.

Two Exchanges have already introduced reporting standards.More

2.250 academic studies: “ESG is extremely good for Corporate Financial Performance”. Mega-study December 2015

Extensive study, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and the University of Hamburg investigate:

The results of this mega-study covering the entire globe show that only 10% of the studies display a negative ESG-CFP relationship with an overwhelming share of positive results, of which 47.9% in votecount studies and 62.6% in meta-studies yield positive findings.More

Bloomberg: By 2040 zero-emission energy will be 60% of world’s energy capacity. Report June 2016

According to predictions by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewable energy projects will represent two-thirds of all energy investments between the years 2016 and 2040.

Cheaper coal and cheaper gas will not derail the transformation and decarbonisation of the world’s power systems. By 2040, zero-emission energy sources will make up 60% of installed capacity. Wind and solar will account for 64% of the 8.6TW of new power generating capacity added worldwide over the next 25 years, and for almost 60% of the $11.4 trillion invested.More

Investors see a strong link between corporate sustainability performance and financial performance. Survey from BCG and MIT (May 2016)

How should corporate leaders respond to the growing interest in sustainability among mainstream investors?

A growing number of investors are paying attention to ESG performance, as evidence mounts that sustainability-related activities are material to the financial success of a company over time. Investors care more about sustainability issues than many executives believe.More