181 major US businesses commit to act fairly and sustainably (published August 2019)

A welcome development this week was the declaration from 181 chief executives of US companies to operate in a way that values and recognizes all their stakeholders.

The signatories to the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, organized by Business Roundtable, includes commitments to:

  • Respect communities and the environment by embracing sustainable business practices;
  • Deal with suppliers and partners fairly and ethically;
  • Invest in their employees, fostering diversity and inclusion;
  • Demonstrate transparency and effective stakeholder engagement.


Worker Safety: A Sustainability Essential (a 2016 analysis report from OSHA – United States Department of Labor)

When you think about “sustainability,” what comes to mind? Energy consumption, emissions reductions, polar bears, recycling, the triple bottom line? Most commonly it is a concept that has been associated with the environmental impacts of activities and decisions, but sustainability is about more than being green; it’s also about people.More