Most U.S. companies say they are planning to transition to a circular economy (Fast Company, February 2019)

When Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport remodeled a terminal, it didn’t buy light bulbs; instead, the company signed a contract for “light as a service” from Signify, the company formerly known as Philips Lighting. Signify owns the physical lights, giving it the incentive to make products that last as long as possible and that can be easily repaired and recycled if anything breaks.


Bornholm viser vej – uden affald i 2032 (Januar 2019)

Bornholm vil være den første region i Europa uden affaldsforbrænding. Vi vil sortere os udenom behovet for at forbrænde affald.

Bornholm viser vej – uden affald er visionen om et renere, sundere og mere grønt Bornholm i øget vækst og udvikling. Et Bornholm, der udbygger og forstærker sin tiltrækningskraft som Danmarks og Nordeuropas grønne ø, og som går forrest og viser, hvordan grønne visioner bliver til virkelighed.More

The breakthrough of the circular economy – Utrecht University (November 2017)

Contrary to what experts in the sustainable sector think, the circular economy is still a niche that is not well known by the wider public. This conclusion was drawn by Utrecht University and the accounting and advisory agency Deloitte in a white paper published on 6 November 2017.
The most significant barrier can be overcome if both the business community and the government invest more in an innovation-oriented culture.