A new approach to materiality: Back-casting from the future to prioritize what really matters (Article by Sustainable Brands, March 2019)

Article by Sustainable Brands on futurefitbusines.org, March 2019:

It’s time for a reverse materiality assessment — rather than trying to divine what matters most by forecasting from the unsustainable present, we must prioritize by back-casting from the sustainable future.

One of the most commonly used tools in the CSR professional’s toolkit is the materiality assessment, an exercise in gathering insight on the relative importance of social and environmental issues as a means to inform reporting and strategy development. And yet the way such assessments are conducted often seems to be more of an art than a science. A recent article in Sustainable Brands highlighted some of the key flaws, from focusing on the wrong questions and factoring in only limited stakeholder views, to looking only a short way into the future.More

Yes, Sustainability Can Be a Strategy! (article in HBR, February 2019)

Article in Harvard Business Review, February 11th, 2019 by Ioannis Ioannou and George Serafeim:

In recent years, a growing number of companies around the world have voluntarily adopted and implemented a broad range of sustainability practices. The accelerating rate of adoption of these practices has also provoked a debate about the nature of sustainability and its long-term implications for organizations. Is the adoption of sustainability practices a form of strategic differentiation that can lead to superior financial performance? Or, is it a strategic necessity that can ensure corporate survival but not necessarily out performance?


LEGO’s reputation No. 2 in the world… and sustainability and societal contributions are key elements! (Reputation Institute, March 2019)

Press release from Reputation Institute:

The World’s Most Reputable Companies in 2019

In 2019, ten global companies lead the reputation recovery and are best equipped to mitigate against failure and reputational risk by proactively managing reputation, delivering on stakeholder expectations, and providing the necessary assurances.

These are the companies that have earned the trust of their customers, employees, and investors across the world. They have built credibility with the people who matter most and while financials are strong – they are perceived as having a greater purpose beyond profit.More

FAO: Key ecosystems that deliver numerous services essential to food and agriculture are declining rapidly! (Report February 2019)

Many key components of biodiversity for food and agriculture at genetic, species and ecosystem levels are in decline!

Evidence suggests that the proportion of livestock breeds at risk of extinction is increasing, and that, for some crops and in some areas, plant diversity in farmers’ fields is decreasing and threats to diversity are increasing.More

Klimatförändringen kan leda till finanskris av gigantiska mått (Aktuell Hållbarhet, december 2018)

Flera av Sveriges och världens största pensionsfonder, kapitalförvaltare och försäkringsbolag varnar politiker för de finansiella riskerna som klimatförändringen innebär. I ett brev skriver investerarna att de ekonomiska förlusterna riskerar att bli flera gånger större än under den globala finanskrisen 2008. More

KLP og Norsk Klimastiftelse: Hvordan møte klimarisiko? Råd og tips til selskaper som skal håndtere klimaendringer og strammere klimapolitikk (november 2018)

Uddrag af rapportens forord:

“Klimaendringer og klimapolitikk vil med stor sannsynlighet påvirke økonomien og samfunnet i stor grad de kommende tiårene.

FNs klimapanel har nylig utgitt en rapport som viser hvor store ødeleggelsene vil bli av en global oppvarming på to grader i forhold til 1,5 grader. Endrer vi ikke vår adferd i større tempo enn i dag går det langt verre, for nå styrer vi mot 3 grader.More