Cambridge University: Commercial imperatives for business to deliver on the SDGs (September 2017)

September 2017 – The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a global strategy for achieving economic growth that is consistent with the planet’s carrying capacity, society’s basic needs and priorities, and the capabilities and stability of the economy. In this report, leading companies from the newly formed Rewiring the Economy Inquiry Group call for a compelling business narrative and a systemic approach to maximise the chances of delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.More

WBCSD has launched the CEO Guide to the SDGs. A lot of concrete business possibilities for your enterprise! March 2017

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has launched the CEO Guide to the SDGs – a new resource aimed at galvanizing engagement from global business leaders in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The CEO Guide to the SDGs sets out clear actions that CEOs can take to begin to align their organizations with the SDGs and plot a course towards unlocking the value they represent.

Download rapporten fra WBCSD her eller brug dette link til WBCSD.

Grønt Nationalregnskab for Danmark 2014-15 (Danmarks Statistik, februar 2017)

Udledningen af drivhusgasser falder

Det samlede udslip af drivhusgasser fra de danske økonomiske aktiviteter faldt i 2015 med 4,8 pct. og drivhusgasintensiteten (udslip pr. kr. BNP) faldt med 6,3 pct. Tallene for 2014 viser, at nedgangen i både de absolutte udslip og i drivhusgasintensiteten var større, hvis udslippene knyttet til forbruget af brændstof, der er bunkret mv. i udlandet, ikke medregnes.More

The 17 SDGs: “Connecting sustainable development with enduring commercial success” (Report from Deloitte, January 2017)

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Fra Deloittes forord til rapporten:

“The Sustainable Development Goals provide a comprehensive framework for the world to work together to create a better future to 2030. Businesses can make a huge impact towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the good news is that this isn’t just good for humanity, it’s good for business.


Global Opportunity Report 2017 – Your guide to a world of sustainable business opportunities aligned with the SDGs (UN Global Compact, DNV and Sustainia, January 2017)

Identifying your next big opportunity among a myriad of global trends is a daunting task.

Addressing this challenge is the driving ambition of the Global Opportunity Report. Like the first and second editions, the 2017 report focuses on five global risks. The risks covered by the third edition are: cities disrupted by climate change; cyber threats; rising inequality; soil depletion; and unstable regions. Based on these risks 15 corresponding opportunities via a thorough review process with experts and a global survey engaging 5,500 leaders were mapped.More

Here are the 60 biggest commercial profit opportunities related to delivering on the 17 SDGs (UN’s Global Goals). January 2017

The world is facing a number of major problems:

  • Natural disasters triggered by climate change have doubled in frequency since the 1980s
  • Violence and armed conflict cost the world the equivalent of nine percent of GDP in 2014, while lost biodiversity and ecosystem damage cost an estimated three percent.
  • We continue to invest in high-carbon infrastructure at a rate that could commit us to irreversible, immensely damaging climate change
  • Social inequality and youth unemployment is worsening in countries across the world, while on average women are still paid 25 percent less than men for comparable work