Climate change: All answers in the world gathered in 1 big web of knowledge! Splendid overview of everything! (January 2017)

Information about climate change has increased exponentially over the past years, yet this has not helped to solve the global warming crisis. In fact, too much information may actually be impeding progress.

The comprehensive resource called the Climate Web is trying to resolve this issue by turning mountains of information into “actionable knowledge.”

The Climatographers Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff have combined their expertise from more than 20 years working on climate change to develop this amazing resource and make it available free to the public. Together they’ve spent some 16,000 hours compiling more than 10,000 documents and 15,000 URLs.

A recent story published at Yale Climate Connections explains that the Climate web organizes these thousands of documents, links, reports, news stories, and videos into more than 65,000 useful “thoughts” and relevant links.

See the site here.


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