Cotton: Ikea world’s most responsible company. 2016 report from WWF among others

Report from WWF, PAN UK, Solidaridad and Rank-a-brand ranks the worlds biggest textile companies on cotton responsible conduct.

Cotton is a key raw material for the textile industry. Various sustainability initiatives exist but many problems and challenges remain, and conventional cultivation often comes with serious environmental impacts and poor labour conditions. Although there is a significant amount of more sustainable cotton now available, accounting for around 13 per cent of global supply in 2015, less than one fifth of what is produced is actually being bought as more sustainable.

The report’s main conclusions:

  • No company achieved the maximum available score of 19.5 points, mainly because no company uses 100 per cent more sustainable cotton
  • Of the 37 companies evaluated, only eight scored three points or more
  • With a score of 12.0, IKEA Group is the best performing company as well as being the only company to rank in the green zone
  • C&A Global (9.0), H&M Group (9.0) and Adidas Group (7.75) follow in the yellow zone, while Nike (6.75), M&S (5.5),  VF Corporation (3.25), and Kering (3.0) are in the orange zone
  • Another 17 companies scored less than three points
  • 12 companies provided little or no information and therefore scored  no points, all falling in the red zone

Download the report here or use this link to Rank-a-brand.

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