Dansif: 74% af respondenterne bruger SDG’erne aktivt til udvælgelse af investeringer (Dansif-rapport, september 2019)

From the Executive Summary of the report:

The 2019 Dansif survey has a 62% response rate and the respondents together represent 90% of total Assets under Management (AuM) for the 50 largest institutional investors in Denmark.

All of the 31 survey respondents have a responsible investment (RI) policy which covers the majority or all of their total AuM 89% of the respondents make their RI policy publicly available .

The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Regional or National Networks (e g Dansif) and UN Global Compact are the most popular collaborative organisations or initiatives for Danish investors Additionally, many Danish investors are engaged in networks focused on climate change.

89% of the respondents have dedicated RI staff and the average number of dedicated RI staff across all investors is 2 6 There is a positive correlation between AuM and number of dedicated staff among the respondent.

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Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by Dansif. All credits and rights to Dansif.

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