Discover why CSR is a highly important driver of reputation (report from Reputation Institute, March 2017)

Closing the gap between actual and perceived corporate social responsibility is important to maintain a company’s reputation sharpened.

Although companies are increasingly becoming more sustainable, the public often does not know or recognize a company’s CSR commitment. Consequently, a company’s actual and perceived CSR is frequently misaligned.

Aligning CSR minimizes reputational risks and can improve reputation significantly!

Based on this piece of research from Reputation Institute you can understand why:

  • CSR is essential for a company’s reputation
  • Dutch companies on average score 3- 4 points lower in CSR than they do in the other reputation drivers—Products & Services, Innovation, Leadership and Performance —and in overall reputation
  • Perceived and actual CSR are often misaligned
  • The public lacks awareness of the CSR initiatives of companies

Read the report here or use this link to RI.

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