Our consultancy

We have a both deep and broad experience with sustainability in commercial companies, and for more than 25 years we have provided advice on CSR, ESG, sustainability and business strategy for both smaller, medium-sized and multinational companies.

Our consultants create business value from CSR and sustainability through concrete initiatives so CSR becomes:

  • a business driver - CSR will increase revenue
  • concrete - CSR will increase employee and customer satisfaction
  • value-creating - CSR will reduce operating costs and risks

We are a boutique one-stop-consultancy - till now we have helped 68 companies.

CSR-rådgivning.dk is a participant under the UN Global Compact.

Our competencies

  • CSR and ESG strategy
  • UN Global Goals - the 17 SDGs
  • CSR reports, CSR communication and EU CSRD
  • Code of Conduct and CSR policies
  • Responsible supply chain management
  • CSR materiality, stakeholder and risk analysis
  • Training management and specialists in CSR
  • Reduction of costs for energy, water and waste
  • CO2 emission reporting and CO2 reductions
  • Responsible investments and EU Taxonomy
  • Implementation of CSR activities in practice
  • Ensuring high quality quantitative CSR data
  • IT systems for managing CSR data
  • Circular Economy

Our customers

We have an ongoing cooperation with most of our customers - often with defining a CSR strategy and setting goals at the beginning and later with implementation, ongoing reporting and follow-up. The longest customer relationship has lasted for more than 12 years.

The customers for whom we have performed CSR projects over the last three years, have a yearly turnover of more than DKK 355 billion and employ +116,000 employees.

We have performed holistic CSR projects for these 47 companies.

Further, we have done smaller CSR tasks for 21 companies - see them here.

Our services

Strategic direction

We help you better understand and manage the changing context to be navigated.

In close cooperation, we define a CSR strategy that creates increased value for both your company and your stakeholders.


We help you create the right organization, motivation and competence of the employees. So the CSR strategy can be realized.

We ensure you set up the right CSR projects and initiatives to achieve planned progress.

Reporting and data

We help you communicate effectively on your CSR goals and performances.

Transparent communication creates trust and loyalty among customers, authorities, employees, suppliers NGOs etc.

Standards and norms

We help you find your way among the many rules, guidelines and expectations that exist on the CSR agenda.

We ensure that your company goes along the tracks, that are the most relevant and effective.

About us

CSR-rådgivning.dk is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 2015 and led by Lars Konggaard, who has more than 25 years of experience in advising commercial companies on CSR, business strategy and organizational development.

CSR-rådgivning.dk is co-founder of the consultant network CSR Advisors Denmark, which means that more than 15 experienced CSR consultants are available for CSR projects at our customers.

CSR-rådgivning.dk has concrete advisory experience within most industries.

Lars Konggaard

Senior CSR adviser

Phone: +45 20 10 38 08

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Company data

CSR-rådgivning.dk ApS
Ledgårdsvej 25
DK-3100 Hornbæk

Phone: +45 20 10 38 08
E-mail: info@csr-raadgivning.dk
VAT number: 40 33 87 21
CEO: Lars Konggaard