ESG proves its resilience in the fastest bear market in history! (article in The Asset, April 2020)

Excerpts from the article 27 Apr 2020 by Jonathan Rogers:

“Financial markets no longer exist in isolation from social or environmental challenges

ESG outperformed strikingly during the recent market meltdown of equity and bonds issued by companies with high scores within those asset classes. This is the clearest example yet of the ability of the sector to deliver superior financial performance and an indication of a shift in the institutional asset management community zeitgeist.

According to newly published research from Fidelity International, on the way down in the fastest bear market in US capital markets history – a decline of 27% hit over a period of 36 days, between February 19 and March 23, in the S&P 500 – equity and fixed income securities issued by companies at the top of Fidelity’s sustainability rating scale dropped less than the index while those at the bottom exceeded its decline.”

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