FAO: 33% of all food in the world is wasted. New global tool for reducing the food waste. Issued 2016

The purpose of the Food Loss and Waste Standard (FLW) is to facilitate the quantification of FLW (what to measure and how to measure it) and encourage consistency and transparency of the reported data.

Using the standard enables countries, cities, companies, and other entities to develop inventories of how much FLW is generated and where it goes.

These inventories can underpin, inform, and focus strategies for minimizing FLW.

Minimizing FLW can provide economic benefits, enhance food security, improve natural resource use efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts.. This standard enables the consistent measurement of baselines and tracking of progress towards Target 12.3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as well as other targets.

Download the FLW standard here or use this link.

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