Finland: State-owned companies must become carbon-neutral by 2035 (April 2020)

From the press release April 8th, 2020:

“Finnish minister Tytti Tuppurainen: “Active ownership is needed in times of crisis” – Government adopts resolution on state ownership policy. New focus on climate, digitalization and corporate responsibility

State-owned companies must take into account the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral Finland by 2035 and the targets of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The goals need to be attained with due regard to corporate social responsibility in a manner that improves competitiveness.

The new Government Resolution on ownership policy strongly emphasises the fight against climate change, the use of digitalisation and issues of corporate social responsibility. Moving forward, the State owner will require companies to examine the effects of climate change on their business and take these into account in their strategy work.

“The State expects its companies – according to their specific circumstances – to aim to lead the way in the use of digitalisation and in the transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy. Companies’ research, development and innovation activities will be examined more thoroughly and strategically. Identifying and utilising new kinds of potential in companies is critical at this time,” says Minister Tuppurainen.”

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