Global Opportunity Report 2017 – Your guide to a world of sustainable business opportunities aligned with the SDGs (UN Global Compact, DNV and Sustainia, January 2017)

Identifying your next big opportunity among a myriad of global trends is a daunting task.

Addressing this challenge is the driving ambition of the Global Opportunity Report. Like the first and second editions, the 2017 report focuses on five global risks. The risks covered by the third edition are: cities disrupted by climate change; cyber threats; rising inequality; soil depletion; and unstable regions. Based on these risks 15 corresponding opportunities via a thorough review process with experts and a global survey engaging 5,500 leaders were mapped.With risks ranging from extreme weather, water shortage, and unsustainable urbanisation to non-communicable disease, youth unemployment, and the global food crisis, we recommend you consult all three Global Opportunity Reports and seek out the risk areas most relevant for you.

In this year’s report, stock has been taken in a “Trends” chapter to decipher what defines the 45 new markets we have uncovered during the three years of this project, and how businesses can work with them.

Read the full report here (134 pages).

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