CSR drives 40% of corporate reputation (Reputation Institute, August 2018)

Companies that excel in CSR receive massive levels of support, with over 90% of the general public willing to purchase their products or over 80% willing to give the company the benefit-of-the-doubt in a time of corporate crisis.

The bottom line: companies must deliver on more than just fiscal goals.

The CSR Perception Challenge

One-fifth of the general public does not know what companies do in terms of CSR and 48% are unsure. This means over 60% of the general public does not have a formed opinion of companies’ CSR initiatives.

Clearly, there is a CSR perception challenge. And it’s not like consumers, investors, and other stakeholders are clamoring to familiarize themselves with your company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

To get the credit and benefit of their CSR initiatives, companies must take control of their narrative and communicate their CSR story.

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Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by Reputation Institute. All credits to Reputation Institute.

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