GRI: SMEs are critical to achieving the SDGs, and their impact should be accounted for. Report September 2016

This report will share early learnings on private sector support of the Global Goals. It will look at how companies measure contribution to the SDGs through impact measurement and sustainability reporting, and it will also look at how governments are considering the business contribution  to the SDGs.

The learnings for the report were drawn from consultations with companies and governments. companies featured in the report use sustainability reporting and/or impact measurement to define, measure and monitor their social, economic, environmental and governance performance (called ‘impact’ in this report). Both practices give companies the tools and resources to better understand their impact. The governments consulted for the report are from a variety of geographic regions and development contexts.

Building on the consultations, the report provides insights about how impact measurement and sustainability reporting can support the monitoring of the SDGs. these insights aim to support practitioners and policy makers, by explaining how businesses measure impact and how governments can make use of this information, without being policy prescriptive.

Download the report here.

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