How putting a price on carbon saved Microsoft $10 million a year. Article by GreenBiz Group. April 2016

As far as the private sector goes, at least 150 major corporations have tested internal carbon pricing as of 2014 — encompassing an odd assortment of famously environmentally progressive companies like Google and Mars alongside foils such as Exxon Mobil.

At the global level, increased emphasis on assigning a financial value to carbon emissions could represent a fundamental shift in the economics of climate issues. Paula DiPerna, a special adviser to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) focused on the business response to climate change, compared the heretofore unmitigated costs of damage to the atmosphere to neglecting personal property.

“It’s as if we had a penthouse, and we’re using it to store dirty diapers,” DiPerna said in an interview with GreenBiz. “You would never do that if you had to pay for the penthouse.”

Still, advocacy groups such as Carbon Market Watch stress that existing carbon pricing models will have to evolve quite dramatically to truly make a dent in emissions, rather that relying heavily on offsetting environmental damage.

Down load the article here or use this link to GreenBiz homepage. Also you would proberbly be interested in reading this report from CDP on Carbon Pricing.

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