How to measure the sustainability performance of a big city. New report from KPMG, April 2016

The prestigious title of European Green Capital is awarded annually by the European Commission to promote and reward the efforts of cities to improve their sustainability for their residents. The award, which was established in 2010 in recognition of the vital role of sustainable, low-carbon living for cities and citizens everywhere, has been won by Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes, Copenhagen, and in 2015, by Bristol, the first UK city to do so. Ljubljana bears the title in 2016.

When we measure cities’ sustainability performance, we are seeking to understand them in order to manage them better and to provide evidence of performance. Increasingly, we measure cities to understand their viability and to make decisions that will allow those who live in them to be happier and healthier in the future.

This report discusses some of the ways in which cities are being measured and how these measurement metrics could evolve.

More important, it provides practical examples of what leading cities are doing, the lessons to be learned and how these can be applied to other cities

Download the report here or use this link to KPMG.

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