Insights on the value to business of setting sustainability goals (report from SustainAbility, December 2017)

Over the past three decades, SustainAbility has observed and taken an active part in the evolution of private sector sustainability goal setting.

The report “Targeting Value” provides clear insights on the value to business of setting, pursuing, achieving and reporting on sustainability goals.

The report also presents current best practices for ensuring goals deliver maximum business value and broader societal impact.

Many goals have been developed in response to heightened external expectations regarding corporate sustainability performance and transparency on progress.

While we recognize there has been substantial improvement in high-impact goal-setting (goals that drive positive environmental, social or economic impact and business value, and where the ambition is high enough to meet the sustainability challenge), this activity has been limited to a relatively small block of leadership companies, and even those leaders have a great more to learn and apply in this realm.

Read the report here.

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