It’s difficult to measure the impacts of a company’s CSR initiatives – but here is a serious suggestion. Social Value UK. June 2016

This report from Social Value UK explores some of the issues and approaches that are being faced by organisations that want to aggregate, or add up and summarise,  either their impact or the value they are helping to create.

Adding up impact up is easier if there is a predetermined set of outcomes and indicators and all the activities use the same measures to measure impact.

Any organisation that invests in a range of different activities will need some way of measuring performance so that the different impact of those activities can be compared and resources can be allocated to those activities which create the most impact.

This applies to a social business with a range of products or services as much as to a social investor with a portfolio of investments. Comparison is easier with a common yardstick and measuring impacts with a common yardstick makes it  possible to aggregate performance.

Read the report here or use this link to Social Value UK.

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