Landmark Study on CSR Clauses in Buyer-Supplier Contracts Reveals Insights on Adoption of Sustainable Practices (by Ecovadis, June 2018)

Key findings in this survey conducted by Ecovadis include:

  • Some 41 percent of suppliers who responded to the survey declared that having CSR requirements in their contracts raised awareness of environmental, social and governance issues
  • Roughly the same proportion believed that it triggered the implementation of concrete actions
  • Of those who did not take any such actions, the majority did not need to do so because they were already following good CSR practices
  • There is a rich variety of different sustainability clauses, with varying levels of effectiveness. Analysis of a wide sample of clauses and of their effects on suppliers, reveals the top four most common weaknesses encountered, and suggested ways to overcome them
  • The study has also led to the design of a diagnostic tool used to measure the effectiveness of a CSR clause. The diagnostic covers four essential elements for a CSR clause, and helps companies to assess and improve their practices and implement consistent contractual diligence mechanisms

Read the entire report from Ecovadis here.

Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by EcoVadis. All credits and rights to EcoVadis.

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