People want to work for companies that make a difference through CSR (report from PwC)

The boom in sustainability practices in the workplace isn’t just good news for the planet, or even companies’ finances. Research suggests it’s a prime driver in attracting key talent, with job seekers increasingly drawn to green organisations that talk the talk when it comes to the environment.

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A report by professional services company PwC found that 65% of people across China, Germany, India, the UK and the US want to work for an organisation with a strong social conscience.

This uptick in interest in working for a sustainable employer is leading to wider company changes, with more than a third (36%) of HR professionals building their hiring strategies around their organisations’ social and environmental stance, according to the same report.

“People are looking for an employer that takes proactive steps to make a difference related to the environment,” says Bridget Jackson, corporate sustainability director at PwC. “Being green builds pride, boosting retention of top talent.”

For the best companies, being green is no longer about just ticking a box; it’s integral to their core strategy.

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