Samsø: A leader in carbon reductions – a best practice example to the rest of the world (article GreenBiz, June 2017)

Sometimes big leadership comes from small places.

Take islands – the island Samsoe, Denmark is an example to follow for all others in the world.

When it comes to the global transition away from fossil fuels towards a clean energy economy, we’re seeing a rising tide of islands stepping up to the challenge. Islands around the globe are paving the way by mapping blueprints for sustainable development in their progress to become fossil-free.

The case for doing so is getting stronger by the day. And for island nations, it is is especially clear, as they are often the first to bear the impacts of climate change, and in many cases are the least resilient to withstanding related shocks. They have much to gain — economically, ecologically and socially — from strengthening self-reliance.

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