Survey on Humans Rights practices in Business (KPMG, December 2016)

In this issue of Sustainable Insight, KPMG aims to help executives understand and apply current good practice in identifying and managing human rights issues across the operations, supply chains and product portfolios of large multi-national corporations.

It is intended primarily for senior executives and Board members, who may have oversight of the human rights process but are not responsible for dayto-day implementation, to help them shape their own company’s approach. Human rights professionals within corporations may also find this publication useful to inform colleagues and initiate conversations about their companies’ human rights impacts.

This paper shares the learning and experience of experts at 11 major corporations that are leaders in this field (see page 3), who were interviewed between August and October 2016, as well as the views of KPMG’s business and human rights experts.

KPMG member firms have seen growing client demand for advisory support in this space. In 2015, Banarra (now KPMG Banarra), a world-leading human rights consultancy based in Australia, joined KPMG’s global network to enhance existing member firm capabilities. The growth in client demand has followed the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights which formalized the responsibility of businesses to respect human rights. Since then, pressure has increased on companies to identify and address human rights issues across their businesses.

In many ways, ‘human rights’ is simply a new, holistic lens through which to view the impacts that companies have on people in the course of doing business. It encompasses well-known business issues such as worker health and safety, product safety and data privacy.

Read the report here or use this link to KPMG.

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