Sustainability, climate and environmental risks increase in WEF’s Global Risks Report 2016

World Economic Forum has presented the newest survey based on answers from 750 experts and decision makers throughout the world. The respondents were asked to look at 29 global risks over the next ten years and rate each risk according to its likelihood and level of impact derived from the risk.

It is clear that sustainability, climate and environmental risks have increased heavily over the past ten years – before 2010 no sustainability, climate or environmental risks ranked among the five most important risks. After 2010 risks related to sustainability, climate and environment have been among the five most important risks every year, in the recent report Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation”, “Extreme weather events” and “Water crisis” were among the top five risks on the two scales.

See WEFs report World Economic Forum – Global Risk Report 2016 her.




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