The European Union releases decisive strategy against plastic waste (January 2018)

After months of preparations, the European Union has adopted its first comprehensive strategy on plastics, as part of its transition towards a more circular economy.

Out of the 25 million tonnes of plastic waste generated by European citizens every year, less than 30 percent is recycled or re-used in any form.

To this end, the strategy includes measures such as a review of EU’s packaging legislation, new rules to increase the demand for plastic content, and the development of advanced recycling facilities.

Sorting and recycling facilities will need to increase fourfold in relation to 2015 levels, leading to the creation of at least 200,000 new jobs across Europe.

The Commission targets all plastic packaging in the EU market to be reusable or recyclable by 2030. In addition, a recycling rate of at least 50 percent will need to be achieved by the same year.

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