This Swedish burger chain offers an entirely climate positive menu (World Economic Forum, June 2018)

Swedish burger chain ‘Max Burgers’ is making its entire menu climate positive by tracing the greenhouse emissions of its 130 restaurants, and then compensating for them through various carbon offsetting initiatives, the company has announced.

Starting June 14, the company’s 50th anniversary, Max Burgers will be offsetting its climate effects through a climate analysis that takes into account everything from farmers’ soil to suppliers to the food that ends up on a customer’s plate. Even the staff’s and guests’ trips to and from the restaurants are part of the company’s climate ledger.

The idea is to offset 100% of greenhouse gases emitted in Max operations, through measures such as relying on wind power, recycling frying oil and shifting the menu to more vegan options with less impact on the environment.

Max Burgers said it will also absorb an additional 10% through tree-planting initiatives (certified by Plan Vivo), something it’s already been doing for the past decade.

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