UN Global Compact is a CSR commitment that works! (report by EcoVadis, March 2019)

EcoVadis points to research showing that companies that have signed up to the initiative’s 10 principles perform significantly better on driving responsibility in their supply chains!

Key findings from the report:

  • Companies committed to the UN Global Compact principles have on average better sustainability performance: The findings demonstrate a clear correlation between advanced CSR performance and the UN Global Compact participation. That said, participation in the UN Global Compact does not lead to advanced CSR performance in and of itself.
  • Among the UN Global Compact participants, small and medium-sized companies demonstrate better performance compared to large ones. This may be due to the fact that small- and medium-sized companies can act faster when addressing CSR issues.
  • Companies perfom significantly better on the Labor & Human Rights and Enviroment compared with the Ethics and Sustainable Procurement themes.
  • Sustainable Procurement and Environment themes have the greatest gaps between the UN Global Compact participants and non-participants. This gap may be linked to the need for explicit executive level commitment to make investment in environmental and sustainable procurement programs. Such commitment is a clear and deliberate part in the UN Global Compact participation, and thus explains the higher performance of the UN Global Compact participants.

Use this link to EcoVadis.

Sources: All texts, content, quotes and graphics by EcoVadis. All credits and rights to EcoVadis.

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