Unilever is by far the world’s sustainability leader! Survey among 1.000 CSR experts (June 2017)

Unilever is ranked as the premier global sustainability leader, receiving nearly half the total mentions among 1.035 global CSR experts!

Unilever is the most dominant corporate leader in SustainAbility’s survey’s history, with its margin of leadership expanding each year.

Patagonia and Interface occupy the second and third positions, with IKEA, Natura, M&S, Tesla, Nestlé, Nike, GE and BASF also landing on the list of highest-ranked companies.

Interface placed in the top cohort of leadership yet again this year, something it has done every year since the survey’s inception. Interface is the only company to have achieved this, which reflects the remarkable dedication, clarity of vision and meaningful action the company has demonstrated in pursuit of a more.

Read the entire survey here.

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