Worldbank: Denmark leads on Renewable energy (February 2017)

Verdensbanken kårer i en netop udgivet rapport Danmark som det land i verden, der har de mest udviklede betingelser for etablering, udbygning og fastholdelse af vedvarende energi.

Læs rapporten her.
Fra forordet i rapporten:
“Access to clean, modern energy is a cornerstone of growth and human development, leading to better education and health, more jobs and safer communities.
Knowing these benefits makes it all the more urgent to accelerate our efforts to reach the 1.1 billion people who still live without electricity and the  3 billion without access to clean cooking.
We need more than $1 trillion in annual investments by 2030 to reach those goals.
It is our hope that leaders will use and learn from the data in this report and focus their efforts on where action is needed most to extend affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy to people who need it most.
With greater action and determination, we can go further and faster towards a better world—for all”.
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