WWF: Companies should accelerate their sourcing actions if sustainability is to become the norm. June 2016

In this report, WWF reviews the policies and performance of member companies of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) regarding the sustainability of their sourcing of key soft commodities – and finds much more needs to be  done.

For sustainability to become the norm, the CGF member companies urgently need to map their supply chains, engage with their supply chains and industry sectors, commit publicly and unambiguously to credibly certified sourcing of their key commodities, and improve transparency by disclosing progress against their timebound sustainable sourcing plans.

Common impacts include biodiversity loss, deforestation, environmental degradation, watershed disruption, climate change and social conflict.

Demand for soft commodities is booming, driven by the world’s increasing population, growing purchasing power (especially in emerging economies), urbanization, changing dietary preferences and demand for biofuels, among other factors.

To achieve sustainability on Earth, it’s critical that all stakeholders — including companies, governments, communities, NGOs and consumers – align in recognizing the impacts of commodity production and find ways to balance production with maintaining essential forests, land, water and ecosystem services.

Download the report here or use this link to WWF.

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